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By Dr. Kondoff
June 08, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental ImplantsLooking for the best way to restore your smile after tooth loss? Dental implants could be the solution you need. Encouraging bone growth and maximizing oral function and smile aesthetics, dental implants from Dr. Marshall Lyall and Dr. Ron Kondoff in Virginia Beach, VA, look, act, and feel like real teeth. No other tooth replacement option competes with implants.

Your mouth after tooth loss

It really changes. The tooth is gone, and the surrounding gum tissue and supporting jaw bone quickly shrink. With multiple extractions, bite height reduces, and facial fullness recedes into an aged appearance. Speech slurs, biting, and chewing becomes inefficient - you get the picture. Unfortunately, traditional bridges, partials, and dentures help with appearance and speech, but they cannot restore jaw bone integrity.

A superior alternative

Dental implants provide the stability and function your smile needs. Composed of a titanium cylinder, metal alloy abutment, and porcelain crown, the single-tooth implant prevents bone loss and preserves how well you bite and chew. Inserted into the jaw during a brief oral surgery procedure, the titanium implant device and the jaw bone adhere to each other through osseointegration.

Osseointegration was discovered mid-twentieth century in Europe, and it is the bonding force behind many successful orthopedic surgeries such as knee replacements. The secret to the bond is titanium. Human bone just loves this metal, and when used for dental implants, the results are nothing less than spectacular. Once placed and integrated, most dental implants succeed and stay in place for a lifetime, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness.

However, potential implant patients should understand that they must be in good health and have sufficient bone in their jaws to accept these dental prosthetics. To determine candidacy, Dr. Kondoff does a thorough oral examination, including X-rays.

The treatment in Virginia Beach

The implant procedure takes about an hour. Dr. Kondoff uses a locally-injected anesthetic to numb the area. He opens the gums and creates an access hole in the jaw. This hole accepts the titanium device, and the area is sutured closed. After a period of healing, the patient returns for attachment of the metal extension post and custom-made porcelain crown.


Whether you receive one or multiple dental implants (to support dentures), oral hygiene is the same. Brush carefully twice a day, and floss around implant sites. Your hygienist may recommend special tools or flosses to keep implant sites clean and free of infection. Your semi-annual check-ups and in-office cleanings remain very important.


Get great help for your smile. Look into dental implants with Dr. Lyall and Dr. Kondoff, in Virginia Beach, VA. Call today to arrange a personal consultation: (757) 493-8100.

By Dr. Kondoff
November 22, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you unhappy with your smile after a losing a tooth? Long-lasting dental implants offer an excellent way to replace your missing tooth. dental implantsVirginia Beach, VA, dentists Dr. Ron Kondoff will explain how you can benefit from implants.

Dental implants are smile changers

The loss of even one tooth can cause a dramatic change in your appearance. When you have a gap in your smile, it's only natural to feel a little self-conscious about the way you look whether you're at work or visiting your favorite Virginia Beach restaurant. Unfortunately, concerns about your appearance can lead to lower self-esteem, even if you're normally extremely self-confident. Dental implants, an innovative restoration option that restores an entire missing tooth, not only fill the gap in your smile but may also help you feel more confident.

Chewing is easy with dental implants

Biting into hard or chewy foods requires strong roots. If you replace your missing teeth with a rootless restoration option, such as dentures, you will have to eliminate certain foods from your diet because you won't be able to chew them efficiently. Because your dental implant bonds to your jawbone, it provides a stable foundation for the dental crown that is connected to it. Thanks to that stability, you can eat anything you want.

Implants help you avoid unpleasant consequences

If you don't replace the roots of a missing tooth, your jawbone will eventually begin to shrink. The problem happens when the jawbone doesn't receive needed stimulation from teeth roots. Further tooth loss can be a possibility if your jawbone recedes. You may also notice your face begins to sag, making you look older. Implants keep your jawbone strong, helping you avoid these consequences.

Dental implants offer versatility

Bridges restore a few missing teeth, while dentures replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Unlike these restorations, implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth. You can benefit from dental implants whether you've lost one, three or even all of your teeth. You may need as few as four implants to support one upper or lower denture.

Why not restore your smile with dental implants? Call Virginia Beach, VA, dentists Dr. Kondoff at (757) 493-8100 to make your appointment.

By Dr. Kondoff
February 02, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Suffering from tooth loss is something that isn’t planned and isn’t like to be considered until it is too late. Often this happens due to decay dental implantsfrom poor dental hygiene and even some medications or from a trauma or injury to the mouth. You don’t have to be embarrassed by your tooth loss or suffer the difficulty properly eating and speaking because of it. Dental implants can be used to complete your smile. A good dentist in Virginia Beach, VA, such as Dr. Ron Kondoff, can get you started on the way to a beautiful smile.

The process of dental implants often begins with implanting a tooth root implant into the bone socket of the tooth that has been removed or fallen out. After this point, the jaw bone and gums will need to heal before the tooth can be attached. This could take several weeks to accomplish and you may need to check in with the dentist periodically to see how things are going. Once the bone and gums are healed the new tooth can be put into place and attached to the root. The tooth will likely be created for your mouth while the healing process is taking place. It will look similar to your natural teeth and be nearly as strong. You will be able to use the tooth just as you would your natural tooth. A dentist in Virginia Beach can work with you to determine if dental implants are best for your situation.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist in Virginia Beach

Tooth loss is something that you might not have planned on but that you can change. Talking to a dentist in Virginia Beach, VA, such as  and Dr. Kondoff, are the best way to start things off. They can go over the process with you and answer any of your questions. You will be able to look at examples of how things might go and of the end result as it might turn out. Call us today at (757) 493-8100 to learn more.

By Dr. Kondoff
February 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out what dental implants can offer your smile.

When it comes to treating your tooth loss, you have a lot of options. While you’ll want to discuss what treatment is best for you with your dental implantsVirginia Beach, VA dentists, Dr. Ron Kondoff, it’s also important that you are happy with the restoration you’ve chosen for your smile. Discover all that dental implants can do to boost your oral health.

They Look Like Real Teeth

When it comes to getting a replacement tooth or teeth, you want one as similar as possible to a real tooth. Sure, nothing can really take the place of a natural tooth, but dental implants do offer the next best thing. This is because an implant is an artificial tooth root designed to look and function just like a real tooth.

They Are Made to Last

Unlike dentures and dental bridges that only last a few years before needing to be replaced, a dental implant is created to last the rest of your life, as long as you maintain good oral hygiene. An implant may need adjustments here and there, but once they are placed they can last a lifetime.

These Restorations Stay Put

The last thing you want to do when you go out for dinner or have an important meeting with clients is deal with a smile that moves around. Dentures are notorious for slipping around in your mouth, making chewing and eating a bit of a challenge. But since the implant fuses with your jawbone, you’re left with a restoration that is firmly in place. No sliding around or movement at all.

They Promote a Healthy Jawbone

When you lose a tooth, its roots are no longer stimulating the jawbone. This causes the bone to deteriorate and your cheeks to cave in, affecting the overall structure of your face and making you appear older than you are. Other dental restorations can’t prevent your jawbone from deteriorating, but implants can. Since your cosmetic dentists in Virginia Beach surgically place your implant into the jawbone, the implant will act just like real tooth roots and stimulate the development of new bone cells.

Dental implants promise some pretty amazing advantages, and you could benefit from them. Find out if you’re a candidate for implants by scheduling a consultation with your dentists in Virginia Beach, VA at Dr. Kondoff.

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