What Crowns And Bridges Can Do For Your Smile
By Dr. Kondoff
June 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you missing a tooth? Or maybe you have one with a broken section from chewing on a piece of ice or hard candy? Dental crowns and bridgesrestorations known as crowns and bridges can fix both of these problems, filling in your smile with realistic replacements and allowing you to regain the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Ron Kondoff, your dentists in Virginia Beach, Virginia, have provided some more in-depth information about crowns and bridges here:

What is a crown?

The visible part of a natural tooth goes by the same name as this common restoration, which is used as a cover over a tooth that has sustained damage or needs extra reinforcement. Crowns, which are crafted from measurements taken by your Virginia Beach dentist, can be made from a variety of materials: porcelain or ceramic is used on teeth that show when you smile; metals like gold or silver are a good choice for molars in the back of the mouth. Crowns are cemented in place using a strong bonding agent and can last up to two decades before needing to be replaced.

What is a bridge?

When you're missing a tooth, a bridge from your Virginia Beach can fill in the gap. This process is done by crowning the two teeth on either side of the gap, which strengthens those teeth and allows the pontic - the middle section - to stay in place. With a bridge in place, eating and keeping the teeth clean is made much easier. Like standalone crowns, bridges are cemented in place and are designed to last between ten and twenty years before they'll need to be replaced or repaired.

Why choose crowns and bridges?

Unlike full or partial dentures, crowns and bridges from your Virginia Beach dentist are permanent fixtures. There's no removal required, meaning no hassle associated with these restorations. Regular checkups and thorough daily brushing are typically the only care required for crowns and bridges.

If you'd like more information on crowns and bridges, or any other dental procedure, we encourage you to contact Dr. Kondoff to set up an appointment!


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