Root Canals Give Your Teeth a Second Chance Undo
By Dr. Kondoff
December 06, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you have a toothache, chances are you will do just about anything to relieve the pain to get back to your daily life. In many toothache cases, your dentist can either extract the tooth altogether or preserve its natural structure while treating the infection inside with a root canal. Learn how a root canal can give your tooth a second chance at life with Dr. Ron Kondoff in Virginia Beach, VA.

What is a root canal? 
A root canal becomes necessary when the pulp and nerve within a tooth become infected or damaged, usually due to severe tooth decay. This decay begins on the outside of the tooth and slowly eats its way through the tooth until it reaches the inside. At this point, a toothache occurs. However, a toothache is not a prerequisite for a root canal. If spotted early, your dentist can perform the root canal procedure and prevent a toothache from ever happening in the first place. This makes regular dental examinations and cleanings crucial to preventing situations like these.

How can a root canal renew my damaged or decayed tooth? 
Before root canal was invented, the only option to treat a severely decayed and painful tooth was to remove it altogether. This left behind a gap, causing a whole slew of other problems like bone atrophy, drifting teeth and problems with the bite, making chewing or eating more difficult. However, root canal preserves the tooth’s natural structure, keeping its shell intact while treating the infection on its inside. This prevents the need for extraction, avoiding complications and giving you relief without compromising your smile.

Root Canal Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA 
Your root canal will begin with local anesthetic to numb the work area. This prevents you from feeling pain or discomfort during your procedure. Your dentist will create an access hole in the crown (top) of the tooth and slowly remove the decayed tissue from inside within the tooth’s pulp chamber and from its roots. With the decayed tissue and nerve removed, your dentist scrubs the inside of the tooth clean, then fills it using composite resin materials. Most root canals will require a crown afterward to further strengthen and protect the tooth.

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